SCREEN CTP Equipment Supported

TeamEPS Service Experts are trained and certified by the world’s leading prepress and print on demand system manufactures to provide unparalleled service for platesetters and print on demand solutions.

N8-10-S Dart 4300s PT-R4300s  Heidelberg
N8-20-E PT-R6600 PT-R6600 Topsetter 74
N8-20-S PT-R6600s PT-R6600s Topsetter P74
N8-20-Sr PT-R6600e PT-R6600e Topsetter 102
N8-50-E Javelin PT-R8000 Topsetter P102
N8-50-S Javelin II PT-R8000II Topsetter PF102
N8-50-XT Javelin E PT-R8100  
N8-70-XT Javelin 8300e PT-R8200  
N24-50-S Javelin 8300s PT-R8300e  
N24-50-SD Javelin HS PT-R8300s  
N24-70-SD Javelin 8600e PT-R8600  
N24-50-XT Javelin 8600s PT-R8600e  
N24-70-XT Javelin 8600z PT-R8600s  
N36-50-S Javelin 9800 PT-R8600z  
N36-50-SD Javelin 8800e PT-R8800  
N36-70-SD Javelin 8800s PT-R8800e  
N36-50-XT Javelin 8800z PT-R8800s  
N36-70-XT Javelin 8800zx PT-R8800z  
PT-R16000 PT-R8800zx    
PT-R16000s PT-R16000    
PT-R16000IIe PT-R16000s    
PT-R16000IIs PT-R16000IIe    
PT-R16000IIz PT-R16000IIs    
PT-R24000 PT-R16000IIz    
PT-R24000s PT-R24000    
PT-R24000sx PT-R24000s    
PT-R24000z PT-R24000sx    
PT-R24000zx PT-R24000z    
PT-R36000 PT-R24000zx    
PT-R36000s PT-R36000    
PT-R36000sx PT-R36000s    
PT-R36000z PT-R36000sx    
PT-R36000zx PT-R36000z    
PT-R40000s PT-R36000zx    
PT-R40000sx PT-R40000s    
PT-R48000s PT-R40000sx    
PT-R4800sx PT-R48000s